Thursday, July 9, 2009


Haizzz,some kind magic.....
It may be harmful,it may be full with sweetness^

One of my best frend had juz finish one journey of love....
Bt she doesnt feel sad...
Unhaving any happy memory in the love?No....
Bt y?Dizzy.......

Love may cax u get hurt in the deep of ur spirit.......
The best way to heal it is getting urself into another love^

I am one of the victim in the love ,bt now i hav gt my true love^
Hope u guyz sweet wih ur sweetheart^

1 comment:

  1. are u talking about me ?? haha .. nvm .. unhaving any happy memory on the love ? i can answer u if it is me ,
    i having alot of memory with he
    i was sad in the 1st week
    but what can i do ??
    i will not tell anyone my sadness after the love ..
    the only person know is kang yang
    ( pai seh , if it is nt me )
    good luck ya !!